Underground lake

From Tippecanoe to Weems Bottom

This year’s spring excursion found me headed east early in the morning, towards Virginia.

Tippecanoe Battlefield

Made it through Chicago before Rush Hour got bad. First stop, for quick breakfast snack, at the Tippecanoe Battlefield near Lafayette, Indiana.

West Virginia country roads

Lots of interstate highway miles, but I found a short cut on country roads through the mountains of West Virginia.

Skyline Drive view

After 13-hours on the road I finally arrived in Stephens City. The next day Sara, Lana, Audrey & I decided to visit Skyline Drive, even though it was a cloudy, rainy day.

With Mr. Marshmallow

We were hoping to see a bear, like I did on my last Skyline Drive visit. But all we saw was Mr. Marshmallow in the visitors center. But we learned a lot about bears from the Ranger Talk.

Up above the clouds

We were up above the clouds, or so it appeared at first.

A bare tree.

Then we were in the clouds, for most of the rest of Skyline Drive, and we couldn’t see very much at all.

Luray Caverns

Then we visited Luray Caverns, but fourth largest cave complex in the U.S., where the climate is exactly the same all year long.

Underground lake

We were amazed by a serene underground lake, where the stalactites were reflected in the perfect mirror of the water’s surface.

Deep underground

We were deep under the surface of the earth…

the cave organ

…where we were serenaded by a pipe organ. The pipes were the stalagtites, which were tuned to different notes. “A Mighty Fortress is Our God.”

1915 Model T Ford

Luray Caverns also has a museum and an antique car collection. This Model T Ford is similar to the Model T owned by my grandfather.

Weems Bottom Bridge

On the way home we drove through Weems Bottom Bridge, a covered bridge from another era which still carries traffic.

Weems Bottom Bridge

The bridge looks pretty sturdy, as it crosses the north fork of the Shenandoah River.

The next post in this series: On to New England


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