On to New England

From Virginia, my next destination was New England.

across the Mason Dixon line into Pennsylvania.

From Virginia it was back north, across the Mason Dixon line into Pennsylvania.

auto mishap

It was a cold miserable day for traveling, especially miserable for this guy.

Hudson River bridge

Finally crossed the Hudson River bridge, New England dead ahead.

Traffic Jam getting onto I-95

Traffic from New York City to New England jammed up for quite a ways into Connecticut.

Lion Relief from 5th century BC Babylon

But soon I was transported back to 5th century Babylon, as I stopped at the Yale Museum of Art to visit their archaeological collection. This lion relief was one of many along a processional route in the ancient city ruled (in the 6th century BC) by Nebuchadnezzar.

Greek pottery

Greek pottery from the classical period.

Gerasa mosaic

A beautiful mosaic from 3rd century AD Gerasa, known in the first century as one of the NT cities of the decapolis.

Jesus - the Good Shepherd

Jesus depicted as the Good Shepherd, in a wall drawing from the house church of Dura Europus. This is what attracted me to the Yale Museum, some of the earliest Christian art known, from what has been identified as the oldest church ever excavated, dating to the first half of the third century. Dura Europus was a city along the Euphrates River, on the eastern frontier of the Roman Empire.

"Take up your bed and walk."

Another painting depicted the healing miracle of Jesus, where he told the healed man, “Take up your bed and walk.”

walking on the water

Here we see Jesus, Peter, and some of the other disciples in that walking on the water episode on the Sea of Galilee.

Woman at the well

This wall drawing was thought to depict the woman at the well, from John’s Gospel chapter 4. However, some experts now believe it depicts Mary, the Mother of Jesus, at the annunciation.

de Landi's annunciation

Elsewhere in the Yale Museum is a painting of the Annunciation by the 15th century Italian artist Neroccio de Landi.

The Good Samaritan

I enjoyed looking at the museum’s collection of Rembrandt etchings. This is The Good Samaritan.

Jesus driving the moneychangers from the temple.

Jesus driving the money changers from the temple.

The Prodigal Son.

And The Prodigal Son.

Sterling Memorial library

Before leaving Yale I ducked into the beautiful Sterling Memorial Library, which opened in 1930. Engraved at the entrance to Sterling Memorial Library is the inscription: “The Library is the heart of the University.”

The quest for knowledge

The quest for knowledge.

from Rhode Island into Massachusetts

Back on the road, a memorable crossing from Rhode Island into Massachusetts.

Cape Neddick Light Station

A few days later, I ventured into Maine in search of a lighthouse, and found one at Cape Neddick Light Station.

Cape Neddick Light Station

I drove out onto the Cape for a closer look.

Cape Neddick Light Station

Something about lighthouses.

Cape Neddick Light Station

Yup, that’s a lighthouse.

A New Hampshire lake

A New Hampshire lake on my way to my final destination, and next post.

The next post in this series: Retreat for a Week


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