Ashuelet, NH

Haystacks and Home Runs

This is the fourth and final report on my New England road trip that began with a visit to Virginia, included a short stop at Yale, and a short week at InterVarsity’s Toah Nipi Retreat and Training Center in New Hampshire.

Rindge Meeting House

Toah Nipi is located near the village of Rindge, New Hampshire. So, as I left early in the morning, I stopped for a short visit at the historic church/meeting house on the village green.

Cathedral of the Pines

Nearby is an outdoor sanctuary called Cathedral of the Pines.

Cathedral of the Pines

Cathedral of the Pines is a beautiful memorial with a mountain view.

Ashuelet, NH

Driving the back roads I came to beautiful Ashuelet, NH, with a covered bridge over the Ashuelet River.

New England circuit completed

I followed the Ashuelet River to the Connecticut River, where I crossed over to Vermont and completed my circuit of New England States. That also completed my visits to all 48 continental U.S. states.

Along Highway 2

Along Highway 2, the Mohawk Trail, I enjoyed seeing historic brick buildings and beautiful mountain scenery.

Haystack Monument

In historic Williamstown, Massachusetts I stopped to visit the historic Haystack Monument, which marks a significant event in U.S. church history.

Haystack Monument & Baseball Hall of Fame

After the Haystack Monument, the next stopping place was Cooperstown, New York, home of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Baseball Hall of Fame

Inside, the hallowed halls that remember the best of the boys of summer.

Baseball Hall of Fame

All the greats are there, players and broadcasters

A special section for radio broadcasters

A special section for radio broadcasters, that brings back memories of my first job in radio, which included board engineering the Milwaukee Brewers broadcast on local radio WPRE.

Egyptian baseball

Lots of history recorded here, including a forerunner to baseball played by the ancient Egyptians.

K.C. Monarchs

I remember the day the Negro League’s K.C. Monarchs came to play in my hometown, and I realized something new about the world.

Henry Aaron

I remembered the day I saw Henry Aaron hit a home run in Milwaukee County stadium.

Milwaukee Braves

The Milwaukee Braves are the immortal team of my childhood, lots of radio broadcasts that I overheard as my dad listened. I learned the names of some great players: Henry Aaron, Warren Spahn, Lew Burdett, Eddie Mathews, Joe Torre, Joe Adcock…

Madison Muskies place in the hall of fame.

The Madison Muskies also have a place in the hall of fame.

The Old National Hotel, Bath, New York

Finally it was time to move on. I spent the night in the Old National Hotel, Bath, New York, the hometown of my college roommate. A classic small town hotel still in operation.

The New York Southern Tier Expressway.

The next morning, an early start along the New York Southern Tier Expressway. By nightfall I was home.


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