The One Sunny Day

Before our trip to Japan we were dismayed to read the weather forecasts and to see them filled with cloudy, rainy days. But it wasn’t so bad. Then, when our last day in Izukuni dawned (previous article on this page) bright and sunny, we rejoiced with an early morning excursion around the neighborhood.

Early morning jaunt.

Early morning jaunt.



Final Summer Excursion

The last adventure of this summer was a project that was on my to-do list for several years, riding the four connected bike trails through Wisconsin’s Driftless Region: the 400, Elroy-Sparta, the LaCrosse River Trail and the Great River Trail.

A foggy day as I left Madison.

A foggy day as I left Madison.


University of Virginia campus

Eastern Excursion – The Way Back

As I started to head back toward Wisconsin on my Eastern Excursion (part one is here), I had one final appointment on my schedule: an interview with Robert Finley, InterVarsity’s first evangelist. Finley was hired right out of college, the University of Virginia, where he had started what was the largest student initiated Christian group of any U.S. college in the early 1940s. He worked for InterVarsity during the week and Youth for Christ on the weekends. (more…)

Franklin Graham Prayer Rally at Wisconsin Capitol

Evangelist Franklin Graham is traveling to all 50 state capitols to urge Americans to pray for their country and get involved in the political process. As I reported in my story for, he did not endorse any candidate or any political party. But he said it’s every Christian’s duty to be politically aware and politically involved. Here are some of my photos from the day. (more…)

Grand Marshall for the Memorial Day Parade

Monona has one of the biggest Memorial Day parades around. It has more units than you would expect in a Memorial Day parade, which may detract from the solemnity, but it does draw more people to the event.

When I worked in radio I typically had to work holidays so I missed a lot of parades. Due to involvement in scouts and other activities, most of the family has been in the parades at one time or another. When our son was in the Army and stationed overseas, the parade took on added significance. (more…)

University of Wisconsin graduation in Camp Randall stadium 2016.

The Year it Snowed for Badger Graduation

It may have snowed on the graduation ceremony where I received my bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin. It was a mid-year graduation, in December, but I wasn’t there so I don’t know. I worked that day and decided to skip the ceremony, which I have since regretted.

So when son Sam received his bachelor’s degree, yesterday, it was reminiscent of that December day. The day’s high, 45 degrees, was one degree off the coldest high temp ever, and there were actually snow flakes floating about for a few minutes. But it wouldn’t have missed it for the world, winter coat and all.