Revisiting Rockford – A Beautiful Garden

Forty-two years ago I left Rockford, Illinois after a seven month stint at a local radio station. At about the same time a local resident named John Anderson was beginning to convert some marsh land near his house into a Japanese themed garden. Eventually the garden became quite the thing and it was donated to the Rockford Rotary Charitable Association to be run as a non-profit attraction. And attractive it is. In remembrance of the wonderful time we had visiting our son Brian and his family in Japan a year ago, Anne and I made a visit to the Anderson Japanese Gardens today.

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The One Sunny Day

Before our trip to Japan we were dismayed to read the weather forecasts and to see them filled with cloudy, rainy days. But it wasn’t so bad. Then, when our last day in Izukuni dawned (previous article on this page) bright and sunny, we rejoiced with an early morning excursion around the neighborhood.

Early morning jaunt.

Early morning jaunt.