It’s the longest day of the year, why not fill it with music? What a great idea!

Bike + Music = fun and adventure.

Celebrating the summer solstice with a city full of music apparently started in Paris and now 700+ cities do it, including Madison WI, according to the Make Music Madison website. So when Cameron, one of the new interns at work, took me up on an offer to show him the city of Madison by bicycle, we decided that there was no better day to do it than the first day of summer. And why not check out as many concerts as possible on our quick ride around Madison.

Well actually there might be a better day, because the weather wasn’t perfect. But before the rain started we were able to enjoy snatches of great music as we biked around Madison. This is what we had in mind. Bike + Music = fun and adventure.

But before we could start our tour of Madison, we had a project that needed to be finished, load up the U-Haul and help Lisa move. Fortunately, Lisa was well prepared and the truck didn’t take long to fill.

Loading the Truck