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Trains, Trucks, Planes & Automobiles 2015D

Last winter I began thinking about a road trip to Idaho to visit our son Drew and his family. Then when he told us they had decided to move back to Georgia, I knew time was running out to visit Idaho. So I volunteered to help with the move. That resulted in an epic road trip involving 1700 train miles, about 2600 truck miles, 1150 air miles, and 300 car miles for a grand total of about 5750 miles, through 14 states in 12 days.  (For comparison purposes, NY to LA and back is 5600 miles.)

In the first post of this series, I detailed my cross country train ride. If you’re just coming in, that’s probably where you should start. The latest post covered the first half of the truck trip, from Idaho to Wisconsin, where we caught our breath for a few days. And then it was time to complete the journey. (more…)